Three Is A Magic Number

Vocal every pal poem

I throw a dart, hoping to hit the bull’s eye,
It falls three inches apart from the target; I let out a sigh.
I try again, again leading towards failure,
Third time’s a charm, they say, it hits the aim; my saviour.

It’s my math exam, teeth chattering with a scare,
I hope I pass, all eyes on me, I become aware.
X+Y= 3, find X & Y? A problem not so tough,
A series of magical possibilities; no need to bluff.

Pacing towards the racing line; I stumble on the track of grass,
Scraping my knee, I try again; I fall and wave for a pass.
My teacher motivates me, telling me to try harder,
I jump the hurdle, this time victoriously; three is a magical number, I ponder.

A triangle has three sides, just like love,
You, me & us- like a turtle dove.
Which corner to choose, love often posing a question,
Going with the third corner, hoping the magical number shows consolation.

It’s time for summer holidays, children eagerly waiting,
Chattering away, stealing glances at the clock, with happiness in their hearts elating.
Minute by minute, hand by hand, they wait for it to be three,
The clock strikes the magic number making them free.

Three is a magic number; You may wonder why so?
The first time you try, the second time you feel low,
The third time does the work, you now know,
Magic exists in the hearts of those who believe & grow.

Yours Truly, 

Vocal Every Pal 


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