You Are Not Alone

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A tear trickles down my cheek,
I pause, looking at myself in the mirror, my insides bleak.
A ray of light falls through the blinds, shining brightly,
Breaking my chain of thought victoriously.

Crippling anxiety, pessimism taking over optimism,
I look at myself and manifest criticism.
Self-pity and sympathy linger heavily,
Affecting my mental health gravely.

I gather strength to pull up the blinds,
Meekly smiling as I watch the birds unwind.
Gathering courage they soar so high,
Flapping their wings, without a sigh.

What care do I have in the world? I ponder,
Am I ready to surrender?
How nice would it be to have a shoulder to lean on?
To pour your heart out transparently from dusk till dawn.

Mental health is a disease- some say,
Have you ever wondered, your surroundings have caused this decay?
It’s not you; it’s a battle of your thought,
Of circumstances and obstacles fought.

Speak up, hear me out I wish to scream,
Living a life with no worries- a distant dream.
It’s okay to feel low, it’s okay to overthink,
Happiness-belief-faith, the secret link.

Have we all become so engrossed in our lives?
Forgotten to care, to hear, to help one survive?
Lend an ear as the burden lifts off my shoulders,
Opening up to you and getting bolder.

Everyone’s here for you, don’t shy away,
Come out of your cocoon and seize the day.
To all of your tomorrows and all of your todays,
Happy shiny days always taking away lifes’ greys.

Death is not the endgame, it’s about who stayed,
Shunning away all the negativity, a path of joy they laid.
Stay strong as the world lifts your spirits,
You’re not diseased- just a human, fighting with grit.

Yours Truly,

Vocal Every Pal

(This piece is not a reflection of me and has been written solely to throw light on the subject of mental health. Through my poem I hope to make those unaware of this situation aware as well as give those going through such a phase in their life a voice to speak up. After all, you are not diseased. You are just human.

Mental Health 24/7 Helpline: 1800-599-0019 )

Image Credits: Free Press Journal


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  • Anonymous
    December 13, 2020 at 10:45 pm

    Wow! Your poem is amazing & has addressed the stigma behind this topic so well. Keep inspiring, keep writing!


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