My Journey

Imagine this… you are following a definite path toward a fulfilling career, and you face a crossroads. One road leads down the most viable option- a 9 to 5 job, the ideal corporate life, and the likes. The other road leads to you following your passion, making a bright career and being happy. The latter though enticing, seems like the less travelled by, right? 

Well, I witnessed this first-hand, and guess which road I decided to take? The one less travelled by. Robert Frost’s message resonated with me, loud and clear. My passion for writing saw its first sparks back in my school days when I would contribute to school magazines and participate in literary competitions. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would be my long time passion, a full-time career, now. A little push from family and friends and a little self-motivation later, I decided to start my blog called Vocal Every Pal. With no motive of monetising but just writing my heart out to strike a chord amongst others, this blog became my identity and opened up a plethora of avenues in content writing. 

It started with a single ask for an article, and then the opportunities came pouring in. It is when I realised the world beyond writing for yourself. I took several courses to learn more about this industry and hone my skills. Soon after, I came across Pepper Content. Their platform has given me a chance to grow as a writer and solidified my belief that you can survive in this fast-paced creator economy. Apart from that their seamless project allotments and detailed client briefs allow me to work effectively. Pepper has helped me work with my dream clients! It was always a dream to write for Forbes, and choosing this path helped me achieve this too! 

Every writer has an inspiration, a story to tell. It’s exhilarating how words, when correctly synced, can communicate a multitude of emotions and meanings. For me, this is the most exciting part of content creation. Getting to explore different niches, write in diverse forms and share your thoughts with the world, can it get any better? To maintain my sanity, I also write personalised poems for all occasions- a writing avenue that struck me during my journey. 

After four successful years in this industry as a freelance content writer, experience in writing across 20+ genres and 40+ clients later, I can say that I’m proud of choosing the road less taken. Leaving behind a legacy is often challenging, but I’m working towards leaving one that inspires the generations to come. The goal is to take this brand to a global level and pen words that touch thousands of souls, corporates and more! Some days it gets tough to churn those creative juices to produce quality content, but then again, when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Here’s to writing eternally and sparking conversations with the creators around the world.

P.S: I’ll let out a secret- Currently, I’m writing my First Book, set to release this year! …… (A full stop means an end and my journey has just begun.)

Yours Truly,

Vocal Every Pal


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