book review

We have a love-hate relationship, 

Often meandering between words and craftsmanship, 

Reading in between lines, 

The love for them shines. 

Grammar nazis, avid readers, 

A shelf is our favourite breeder. 

We are hoarded, showed off,

Piles and piles stocked in the loft. 

Vocabulary improvement, brilliant quotes, 

The mouths speak, as we sway our coats. 

What is a book review? 

Allow me to tell you a story about how my love for them grew. 

Matilda, a gifted girl forced to put up with crude parents,

This book is dear when seen from my lens. 

If you set your mind to something, you can achieve, 

She grew up to be a girl whom everyone believed. 

Her lively intelligence she uses for revengefulness, 

Children relish the absolutes of courage and goodness. 

The author’s breathless storytelling; exaggerated humour, 

The perfect childhood story to favour. 

The childhood nuances, the naughty atmosphere,

A tinge of nostalgia, a message so clear. 

A favourite for the young and the old, 

A book so bold and widely sold. 

Next, my eyes stumbled upon, To Kill A Mockingbird

The sheer brilliance of the author, a favourite of the herd. 

Of races and rapes, 

Has crime taken over a new face?

A series of twists and turns,

An unconventional hero and exceptional morals, you’ll learn.

Mrs Dubose’s morphine addiction, a conviction so solid, 

The gut instinct of right and wrong will leave you astonished.

Atticus Finch’s unrelenting effort, 

To put Tom Robinson at comfort.

A battle between good and evil, 

Read this thriller and know a truth that will kill. 

Another day, another book, it’s time to introduce a secret, 

Ikigai- a book so magical and a must-read for every literate. 

Who doesn’t want to know the secret to a happy life? 

Mind you, a book you should take in your stride.

Japanese techniques, showing the art of staying young while growing old, 

Stress, ageing, the meaning of life and finding the flow is what’s told. 

Immerse yourself in the experience, 

And achieve higher levels of endurance. 

On the first read, too many facts, stating the already known? 

Keep going; your mind will be left blown. 

A simple change in our lifestyle, habits and thinking, 

A book which is a silver lining. 

The wars fought, civilisations will come and go; 

Shiva Trilogy, a book so fierce with a subtle blow. 

Of oaths and sacrifices, 

This book gives you real-life references with which you will empathise. 

Shiva and Sati, Vayuputras and Nagas, 

The end leaves you weeping and astonished, just the perfect saga. 

So many secrets unveiled, of duties and brotherhood, 

Every book will leave you hooked. 

A plot so good, for those who don’t know about Indian mythology, 

Rich characterisation and addictive adoration for Shiva is quite a trilogy.

A hero ignited in the character of Shiva without once making him God,

The author’s unsaid social commentary sure needs an applaud. 

Next, my heart tumbled upon, Tuesdays With Morrie,

The plot shines in all its glory. 

Teachers are our backbone, a heart-warming story, 

Oh, Morrie, Tuesdays with you is my fondest memory. 

Conversations flowing without a pause, 

There was no time for remorse.

Of deaths, wars and vulnerability, 

‘I hope to see you again’, a promise to stay till infinity. 

The bond between a student and teacher so special, 

Even words cannot make it superficial. 

Does death bring people together? 

For Mitch, Morrie was no less than a father. 

The last one has a special place in my heart, 

Amir and Hassan had my attention right at the start. 

‘For you a thousand times over’, as Hassan said,

Why did Amir’s scare take over? A thought I still dread. 

The Kite Runner, a book that transcends Afghan values, 

Finding your place in this crazy world, a traumatic experience that grew. 

Of guilt, friendship, desire for atonement and loss, 

A story of that will leave you weeping in shock. 

How often are people subjected to atrocities, 

Did the low class sign up for these tragedies? 

Amir and Hassan’s bond will go down in history, 

This book shows how society decides your destiny.

Books are my stalwart companions, 

Be it on a hot summer afternoon or a gloomy day, 

They never fail to arouse my interest, 

Stories that are here to stay, can I pick a favourite? Oh, it’s tough to say. 

-Vocal Every Pal 

(This was a different way of doing book reviews, hope you enjoyed the same. Do give your valuable feedback and help me grow as a writer. The books mentioned above are some of my favourite ones ranging in different genres and one for every age group. Hope you all give them a read. I’d love to know your views.)



  • Shanaya
    January 8, 2021 at 2:53 pm

    Wow! So beautifully written! Please do more of these!

    • Vocal Every Pal
      April 23, 2021 at 5:59 pm

      Thank you for the feedback! Will definitely be coming out with more of these! 🙂

  • Ankita
    January 8, 2021 at 2:54 pm

    Thank you for sharing the list of books & their review in such a unique way!


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