My Mistakes Of 2020

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Roll Camera, Action: 

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Aaj ki taaza khabar, 2020. A year full of uncertainties, ups, and downs, happy and sad moments. A roller-coaster of emotions travelling at a speed which is unimaginable, loop after loop. While this year brought in many hardships, there were quite a few positives, which proved to be the saving grace. But do you know a secret all of us have hidden throughout this year? Our MISTAKES. You must be thinking she can’t keep anything in her stomach! Sorry to rain on your parade but, we have all joined the bandwagon. Let’s have a look at what these mistakes are: 

  1. Giving due credits to the lock down which left us all laachaar, Masterchef 2020 -a title won in every house. Kabhi socha, yaar yeh baad mein bhaari padega? OOPS! A mistake we all made because who can control their stomachs? Food, food, and just-food. Many dishes were being made during the lock down; why isn’t the streak being maintained now? Hogging on those sweets and delicacies though consciously but, being unconscious about the fact that we are all putting on weight? Did the weighing scale give you a shock of your life? Bhaag milkha bhaag! Lose some weight! HAHAHA!
  2. How comfortable were you at home, with no work and catching up on all those sleepless nights? Getting too comfortable in your comfort zone? I mean, did you think this lockdown would go on for a whole year and you could take a mini-vacation from the room to your hall and back? Around the house in 90 days and all? Sadly, work is back on track and, the to-do list you were pushing aside needs your attention.
  3. Any party planners in the house? Innumerable zoom parties with the famous housie has been organized so much that, now everyone has run out of ideas for all special occasions! So tired of the intimate virtual get-together aren’t we? For people who thought of taking this up as a full-time job, buddy, where are you hiding? Dimaag ki batti gul? 
  4. Movie nights and all are fun but, like internet connection theek kar do? Building high hopes of having a theatre-like experience through OTT channel parties and shared screens- seriously, is this a fantasy land? 
  5. The number of skills and tricks we learned during the lock down but ever thought of implementing it and starting something creative? Tried looking for an internship? Skills ka kya kare jab job he nahi? 
  6. Sitting at home, snuggled up on the couch in your pajamas so much that; wearing jeans is a nightmare now? (Mom screaming in the background,” Aur kharido kapeede.”) 
  7. Were we getting paid to watch any and every new series that comes on these OTT channels or, were we thinking we could be the next Karan Johar? Serial chillers bro! Don’t crib now since you have nothing to watch! 
  8. Lastly, this year has taught us all a lot. The amount of money we spent on unimportant things compared to the things that were worth it- a difference clearly understood now. Did you now understand why parents always tell us to save, save, and save but we youngsters always diss it. Reality check? 

Everyone makes mistakes. Let’s enter 2021 by hoping to not make the same? Here was a global update of the year. You are guilty as charged. Kya hoga ab? Will the world accept these accusations or laugh it off and say yeh hi umar hai kar le, galti se mistake?  How many of these mistakes did you make? HAHAHA! Happy New Year everyone, Let the child in you always be alive but, also, be aware of your responsibilities. Cut. 

Yours Truly, 

Vocal Every Pal


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