A Home Like No Other

Looking out from my car window, I crossed this place, 

So magnificent, with an exquisite book showcase. 

I tapped mommy’s lap, urging to go inside, 

Little did I know what was in store on the other side. 

Tagged behind mommy, I walked into this humble store, 

The smell of fresh books, like that of wet mud during downpour. 

A flash of colours before my eyes, all so synchronized, 

Ranging from different genres, sure was a reader’s paradise. 

We often relate friends with people, always been known, 

Books as best friends? Entering a world of my own.

I found myself a quiet corner, with a book called Famous Five, 

Page after page, hour after hour; infused in me a new life. 

I sure knew this place had me hooked, a magical spell cast, 

Communicating in a language of our own, stories from present to past. 

I shed a few tears, I had a hearty laugh, 

This place let me be myself, surrounded by a loving staff. 

Wait, did I tell you about the small cafe on the first floor? 

The smell of coffee; friends enjoying with their hearts galore. 

You cannot go wrong with bagel and cheese, 

Something about this place puts everyone at ease. 

A place I never got tired of being at, from dusk till dawn, 

Travelling across the globe to meet famous authors had me drawn. 

Yes! I’m talking about the train chair, waiting in line to get a seat, 

Never believed in time travel, until I went from Meluha to Wall Street. 

A home to a budding author’s first reading, a child’s second home, 

Activities and book reading plans, strolling through the gaming zone.

How can anyone make a place as beautiful and loving as this store? 

It is none other than the Crossword’s bookstore. 

There will be no place to whom I owe my childhood, 

While it owes me for the joys, rewards and all things good. 

Thank you for letting me feel the warmth, wrapped in words & pictures, 

Pages I never knew I wanted; today are holding me like fixtures. 

A home to my every childhood dream, a refuge to the stories made in my head, 

Bidding adieu to the home of my first best friend, is leaving me overwhelmed. 

You can’t replace greatness, you can’t forget the memories, 

An ode to you my first friend, can we make time just freeze?

It’s not a goodbye, it’s not the end, 

From 2004- you’ve been my home, on whom I can always depend. 

I’ll always have my eyes open for the little bookstore, coloured in yellow & black, 

Mummy let’s go inside, can I have this childhood memory back? 

Yours truly, 

Vocal Every Pal 


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