girl watching nature and drawing observations

Sitting in my balcony, overlooking the sea, 

I sought out to find lessons in all that I could see. 

Starting with the waves, as they raced to the shore,

Reminded me of my school races, hearing the tiger in me roar. 

Next my eyes fell upon the flock of birds, 

Chirping away, as they followed their herd.

The pleasant sound, the rhythmic flip flap, 

Reminded me of a time, when I played the keyboard in my father’s lap. 

The gush of wind took away this memory, 

Trying to make its place in my mind, in all its glory.

The cold breeze, the dew, causing me to shudder, 

Reminded me of a time when I curled up in the bosom of my mother. 

It’s the monsoons, my most favourite time of the year, 

The smile spread on my face, from ear to ear. 

The smell of wet mud, the water drops, 

Reminded me of my time when I danced in the puddles non-stop. 

I saw an old man walking by, 

Holding bags of vegetables and a gajra, sure to make his wife shy,

Reminded me of a time when innocence was in minimalism, 

With changing times, society now calls it criticism. 

The noise of the traffic, the view of the car, broke my chain of thought, 

An accident had taken place, as the men fought. 

How jarring is the noise of the horn, of men when they shout, 

Reminded me of a time, when I yelled my lungs out. 

A colourful butterfly just flew in front of my eyes, 

Causing my gaze to break, its wing shining like a bright sunrise. 

It carefully took its place on the window sill, 

Reminded me of a time when I ran carelessly in a field full of daffodils. 

Oh, what lovely memories! A trip down memory lane, 

Driving excitement in my day which is often mundane.

Watch out for the views, for they teach, 

Every day is a beautiful day, a beautiful message these sights preach. 

-Vocal Every Pal



  • Gireesh
    July 24, 2020 at 12:06 pm

    When people read such material, the first thought cones she is God gifted but according to me God gave a gift to all of us called life but you are making him proud more then anyone of us.

    Love your blogs and this poem ….. Wow

  • Smita Ashok mehta
    July 24, 2020 at 1:46 pm

    Proud of u pal , you sre god’ s special child who is gifted with many art ,
    Lots of blessings to you


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