Friends For Life

We’ve grown up forming bonds and relations with people we called friends right from our childhood.

The number standing at 20.

Sharing lunchboxes, inside jokes, fights, memories and the usual. Fast forward to five years later, the emotions remain the same, the number- now quality over quantity.

Lunch boxes changing to dinner tables, water bottles to cocktails and conversations- of life, love, humour and nostalgia.

And today, how many of those you formed these bonds with are in your life? ‘Life happened yaar’- a common statement we say.

We findourselves singing ‘tere jaisa yaar kahan’ but, how many of these emotions are true? How many of these friends can you count on to be there for you?

Life’s happening, but hold no grudges, make more memories. Lucky are those who still have people from their childhood still close today, I have a lucky few. And to these people- ek teri yaari ka he, saaton janam hakdaar hu mein, tera yaar hoon mein. :”)

p.s: you know who you are


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