Playing Your Cards Wisely

Do you often find yourself thinking of an alternative to a situation even before you’ve taken action on your pre-decided move? 

Guilty as charged. But don’t worry we are all in the same boat. You might be wondering how this thought came to my head and why am I talking about it?

Well it’s the simple situation that I was put in- WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook crashed, putting me in a situation to think of what I could use to continue my conversations, without even trying to be patient and wait for the servers to get back on. 

Amidst all this, Twitter stands strong showing us the sheer act of patience and brilliance. It’s fine when WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram servers are down. We run to Twitter for updates. But what if Twitter was down too? Who would give you updates then? 

Are you thinking of another alternative yet again? Maybe we could put our electronic gadgets aside which control our lives, live in the moment and spend a little time with our family? 

Was this thought part of your alternatives? Or were you busy rummaging through the apps on your phone to find some connectivity? 

Why is it that we allow electronic gadgets to monitor the way we think, behave, perceive and act? Why can’t we just be human and play our cards wisely? 

Here’s a simple answer, no alternatives needed: Be patient. Live in the moment. Play your cards wisely. 

Something that exists right now may not be there the next moment. It’s how you make the most of it and turn every hurdle into a win for yourself. 

Ultimately, if you play your cards wisely, you know you’re bound to win. Just like Twitter always wins. 

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