An Ode To Instagram

Like, share, reply, save- buttons that control our night and day, 

Why does seeking worldly validation have so much say?

Pop goes the heart, up goes the likes, 

Reality and emotions taking strikes. 

So many people, so many connections, 

Who approves their imperfections ? 

Follow for a follow, a trend so viral,

Unfollows- leaving your life to spiral. 

Like two sides of a coin, Instagram has its own, 

A platform for growth, let it be known. 

Creators and entrepreneurs, trying their hand at this app, 

It’s tools and resources, the perfect roadmap.

It’s time for a story; Hey! how many views ? 

Which picture to post, you cannot choose. 

A one-stop shopping mall, making life easy, 

Can’t do without you, does it make me sound cheesy? 

Scrolling and exploring, a fantasy for every category,

Hashtags and posting, trending in all its glory. 

The power of social media; it’s magical, don’t you agree?

Become an Insta-preneur, without a degree.

I’ve got a few competitors, but I’m everyone’s favourite, 

Instagram addiction is everyone’s secret. 

An important part of our everyday life, we owe it all to you, 

You’ve caught up, this is my ode to you. 

Yours Truly,

Vocal Every Pal


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