VEP / Motivation

Be You For You

It’s your light, perspective, and zest for life that make you brilliant. You have a unique perspective on things. You’re determined, and in touch with yourself in a way that makes others want to be around you. In a way that provides people peace, be true to yourself.

You’ve been through some of the worst periods in your life, but you still look for the best in others. You’ve been misunderstood and undervalued, but you continue to contribute from the heart. You’re powerful in a way that reminds others of their own strength. People are reminded by your enthusiasm that their ambitions are reachable.

Your perseverance demonstrates to others that they, too, can overcome fear… You should be proud of yourself for keeping things in check. It’s not always simple, but you always manage… You’re always genuine, always evolving, and that’s what matters most to those who care about you. Stay true!


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