What is a New Year Resolution? Why has this term spread like an epidemic amongst all generations? Allow me to put these questions to rest by giving a rather practical answer. No, I won’t say things that may feed your ego but that which actually will resonate with you- my fellow readers.

A New Year’s Resolution is just a failed attempt at promises made to yourself about doing things which are elusive but give you a hope that you may get there, someday. It basically aims to make you feel good about yourself even if it’s tasking. Two weeks into the New Year and I am sure half of you all have either abandoned those well-meant declarations while the other half just muttering- someday!

I am not here to discourage you, but, what if I told you, you could actually set resolutions which are meaningful and achievable rather than living on false hope?

Are you ready to transform your lives?

Are you ready to embrace the tiny changes that occur in your life and truly live?

If the answers to the above questions are in the affirmative do continue reading. All you disheartened souls who couldn’t start off the year fulfilling the set resolutions here’s a chance at redemption.

People often make resolutions which are monetary-based or those which are usually tasking on the body. You want to change something about your routine lifestyle or just you. Below is a list of everyday resolutions and my take on it, which will make a difference in your life as well as the society you are living in.

1. I will join the gym and work on being fit.

My suggestion: Connect with nature. Practice meditation at home. Eat healthily. Why waste money in the gym when nature which is free is available in abundance around you. Make a conscious effort. After all, a healthy mind and soul is what makes a healthy body.

2. I will stop procrastinating.

My suggestion: The crazy ones are those who dream. See a dream you are obsessed about and work towards it without disbelief. Obsession for the right things will help you overcome procrastination and at the same time make you happy since you unknowingly achieved the dream.

3. I will donate a certain amount to charity.

My suggestion: When was the last time you spent a day at an orphanage or an old age home? Just your mere presence can add a smile on their faces, a smile which even money cannot put a price tag on. Is it that difficult to remove 1 hour in an entire month? 1 hour spent with them would add millions to your bag of good deeds.

4. I will take a trip to a particular place this year and post about it on social media.

My suggestion: All of us are so engrossed about faking our oh so happy lives that we forget to enjoy the moment. Rather than running away from reality, make a resolution to actually have conversations with people from different countries or backgrounds. You will get the privilege of living in that country through words as well as broaden your mind. Don’t curb your desires, go out there and the world is yours.

5. I will have a big fat Indian wedding ( for the to be Mr & Mrs)

My suggestion: Parents give it their all for their children’s happiness despite not being able to afford it. What if you spent the money you would on throwing meaningless parties sponsoring a child’s education? Inner happiness is worth it all. Best wedding gift ever?

6. I will not indulge in things that scare me.

My suggestion: Embrace what scares you. Make a constant effort to do things that scare you even if you think you will get rejected. Constant rejection will help desensitize the pain and overtime when you overcome it, it’ll turn out to be the biggest gift of your life. Don’t run away, face it!

7. I will let go of grudges and speaking badly about others.

My suggestion: Practice gratitude. Every day write down one good thing you did or one incident where you spread positivity around you. Be thankful for those moments and spread good vibes. You will be surprised to know that what you give out, the Universe gives it back in abundance. With the blanket of positive energy around you, there will be no space for grudges.

8. I will be more organised and work efficiently.

My suggestion: Do not take up excess work and give in to greed. Excess work implies excess stress. Be content with what you have and work diligently on what you take up. Little efforts will reap great rewards.

9. I will not let emotions overpower me.

My suggestion: Ask for help and let the emotions flow. Being vulnerable does not imply that you are weak. It means you are in check with your emotions and have the courage to be vocal about it. Be around people who make you happy.

10. I will read more books.

My suggestion: Engage in a conversation with people that spark a new chain of thought.

Participate in talk shows and just listen. Reading may get monotonous for a few but listening is key. Make a note of the thoughts that inspire you. What you may learn through mere listening may be above par than what you read.

Do these resolutions harmonize with your thoughts and beliefs? This was my take on setting a resolution for this year. Be the change you want to see. Defeat the drill of failing at achieving these set goals. New Year, New Me? New Year, Better Me!

Yours Truly,

Vocal Every Pal.

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(I hope the above resolutions help you on your journey of self-reflection and truly make you happy. Leave in your comments and suggestions and help me grow as a writer. Thank you.)


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