We have all heard the famous saying, ‘love knows no bounds’. Do our beliefs align with this saying? Mankind would belittle it by putting bounds on it when in all its meaning and emotion it truly has no bounds. Love is an omnipresent power. Cynics believe it doesn’t exist while the youth, fake romanticises love.

You all may think I am just a young girl speaking the language of the youth and this would be taken as a yardstick to measure my maturity. No, I’m not here to glorify love but, to help you understand the power of it. It permeates into all levels of our being and soul if you truly allow it to. Like a continual stream of water that meanders through every barrier, love, if recognised in its true sense, can help us reach a level that is powerful both emotionally as well as spiritually. Recognition and realisation are used closely together, such as the power of love and adequacy.

People often say that love, if true, has a lot of power. What defines the word true? What parameters are set to measure true love? In a world full of make-believe, words that held so much importance in olden times has lost its meaning. The youth believe grand gestures, open-ended proclamations signify true love. While the older generations believe doing everything that pleases your significant other and society is a sign of true love- let alone the curbing of your voice and opinion. There may be complete emotion behind it but, the approach has made it lose its meaning. There are different sets of discriminations and different ideals one follows.

Ever stopped to ponder over the questions- What if we, as humans, had the power of true love? What if we itself define true love? Why should love always be in consideration of a significant other? Why should love seek validation? What can we do to truly experience the power of true love?

To truly embrace true love and understand the power of it one just has to follow a simple principle- the only person you can control is YOU. Believe in yourself and restrict the urge to engage in thoughts that give rise to feelings of angst and destroy intimacy. Instead, indulge in compassionate behaviour, respect and kindness towards others- this will give you the chance to experience the power of true love. Do not allow false proclamations to misguide you and live in the fantasy bubble. True love gives you the power to attract positive vibrations and thoughts, something that is the mantra to a content life.

The power that love holds is undefeated. It doesn’t imply that you put aside logic but, knowing how to strike the right balance between the two is key. It doesn’t have an expiry date. It is like a movie, except it is unscripted. What you choose to put into it will form part of your life’s movie. To experience its power you need to allow it to resonate with every fibre in your body- unfiltered and infectious, just like a happy soul. It helps you believe in the synchronicity of the past, present and future.

Ever felt your insides explode with positive emotion on landing that dream job? That is the power of true love. True love for your passion. Ever felt that you’re awestruck on meeting your inspiration? That is the power of true love. True love for your role model and his preaching. Ever felt a spiritual connection where your soul and the higher power share an unbreakable bond? That is the power of true love. True love for your faith in God and the soul. Ever felt like time has frozen and you are at ease by a mere conversation with a loved one? That is the power of true love. True love for listening and valuing the loved one. Ever felt the happiness of being heard? That is the power of true love. True love for being able to voice your opinions.

The power of true love is immense if you know how to embrace it. Strive for an equal exchange of emotions and words. Being tolerant of the dream of living a fantasy while being intolerant of fulfilling them, in reality, has diminished the power of true love. Love is present at a subconscious level waiting to be recognised. The power of true love cannot be challenged or restricted. Love in its cliché sense has given people a false belief or rather a façade to hide behind. Grow and recognise it- you will know it already is encompassing you. Fall in love with yourself. The only butterflies you should feel in your stomach is from self-love. Anything more is your destiny. To all those out there who feel they do not deserve to experience the emotion and power of true love- ‘You’ are love. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Yours truly,

Vocal Every Pal.

(This is the month of love and today happens to be Valentine’s Day. In an atmosphere filled with love, this was my take on what love is and the power of the same. Hope this makes you fall in love with yourself as no power surpasses self-love. Hope you like this article and do share your valuable comments and suggestions.)

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