Dear Me

Hi Palak, how are you today?  I hope you’re doing well after the million curveballs that life has thrown at you. If you’re reading this letter today, Congratulations on living and most of all- be grateful to have survived. Life- such a small word to say but huge to live. Life, one that is not steady but works on how well you find balance. Everyone faces ups and downs in their life. 

Often, there might have been times where you might have felt like you couldn’t keep going. Days of procrastination and feelings of self doubt looming heavily over your head. On such days, I hope you remembered that what you thought and what you felt is what you would have got. You have been amazing. Every dark day has a light left to be discovered by you. On the flip side, there might have also been days where you would have experienced moments of happiness that one cannot put into words. Days filled with love, laurels, and every little dream, coming true. On such days I hope you remembered your purpose in life. To remain grounded and consistent with the work you do, due to which; you could achieve your dreams and that there is so much more you’re capable of achieving. 

Life is not always colorful. But what you can do is to remember to keep going. To never let that unshakeable place in your heart be rattled; by feelings of fear, ego, rejection, disappointment as well as happiness, success, and more. To nourish your soul and feed your heart with dedication and truth. I am sorry for the times I have abandoned you. For not standing up for you when I had the chance. For not appreciating you enough and celebrating the beautiful soul that you are. For allowing worldly pleasures to lure me. For not respecting your being. For not being there when all you needed was an ear to listen. To allow yourself to feel that you are alone. The devil is always ready to pull you back from your dreams, often making you question your self-worth and exposing your weakness. But what I hope you remembered is that only you can help yourself. Thank you for being strong and never giving up. It is okay to make mistakes and to feel stupid. It has been the defining factor in your life and the result of the human you are today. 

Hey you, you are a changed human now. There is a considerable improvement which I can see. All those dreams and goals you had set for yourself, unrealistic to the outside world, realistic to you, have all come true. The feeling must have been exhilarating. You are making a difference with your words in all ways. Thank you for shattering all those glass ceilings and making a difference in this world, even though it may be tiny. Thank you for holding on and rising to face challenges. Thank you for loving yourself and respecting your soul. Thank you for staying true to your beliefs and ideals and spreading your energy to every being with whom you have crossed paths. More than all, thank you for flashing that smile, which is still so endearing despite a raging war in your mind and a blazing fire in your heart. 

Today, five years later, while you read this letter, I hope you smile for seizing every day and living life queen size. You may not have configured life to 100% yet. Things are still in the process while you may; continuously be on the run. Time’s flying while you still have so much to do. The future is always playing different parts of a script that you have written for yourself, leaving you anxious, overwhelmed, and excited all at the same time. Life has so much in store for you. But, you should be proud of yourself to have taken the unfollowed path and staying put despite adversities. For curating a beautiful life that you always have enough. Thank you for understanding yourself better with each passing day. Before I sign off, surprise me with all the marvelous things you have set your eyes upon to achieve. Make adjustments, experience the thrills, and hold on. Lastly, always remember, you have me. I am blessed to be who I am today and will always be your loudest cheerleader. Oh and, Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! 

I love you, 



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