Being There

Quoting Alison Lohman- “There will always be a few people who have the courage to love what is untamed inside us.” One such person is my father. YES! As most of you may have guessed, this article is dedicated to the inspiration of my life –My Father.

Allow me to narrate a small incident which had a life changing impact on me. What started off as a casual yet insightful conversation between a father and his daughter turned out to be the most rewarding night of my life. It set a standard I would live by all my life. The incident took place during my school days; as a child I had always been a student par excellence. Just then came the most horrifying day of my life; I had failed my Math exam. I broke down into tears, not for failing the exam but at the thought of how would I face my parents. With my heart in my mouth, I confessed. The series of action that unfolded next left me appalled. In a world full of competition and marks being the yardstick to evaluate smartness, my father hugged me and uttered the words “No worries little girl, let us tackle this mess together.” For a minute I could not digest the words he had spoken. It felt like a whole burden had been lifted off my shoulders. He sat down with me and explained how this was just a small obstacle and if I took it in my stride I would win in life; a lesson I abide by even now. He strengthened my roots with his simple words and since then I have always excelled in school.

A relation between a father and daughter is not always blissful but the slightest mention of it causes both to choke up. However, for me my relation with my father has always been venerated. In a world full of fairy tales, he taught me how to be my own superhero. Secretly, giving every letter meaning in the word ‘superhero’ by being one. Growing up in a society where males were revered and considered to be the breadwinners of the house, he taught me the importance of being independent and tough. Not once was I treated like the weaker sex. Along the way he broke every stereotype- be it from giving me the freedom to have an opinion and being vocal about it, to encouraging the most bizarre aspirations I had. Little did I know he was training me to find my own way into this world, carefully tiptoeing around me to catch me if I ever fell and to pull me back up.

Fearless, Affable, Tender-hearted, Honest, Eloquent, Responsible – a few qualities among the unending list which best describe my father. His passion and drive to give us a luxurious life in this mad world has always been something I look up to and wish to imbibe in my life. His motto in life was very simple – Don’t dream big; instead, work hard towards the things you feel so passionately about and the little things will add up to being the biggest dream you could ever achieve. For him ‘what you think’ did not bear importance, rather ‘what you do about it’ was key. In a world full of make-believe, he let me face the harsh realities of life only to make me the strong lady I am today. It’s not easy when you are a self-made man, yet he made difficult look easy. Every day with him has taught me so much about life and the value of it.

A father’s love for his daughter knows no bounds. It is an ever-fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken; it is the star to every wandering bark, the guide to every problem, the light in every darkness and the strength in trying times. Dad has always been my biggest cheerleader and continues to be my Pole star. In moments of self-doubt he often told me that my only task in this world is to know deeply in my soul- in that unshakeable place that isn’t rattled by rejection and ego- that I am worthy just like everyone else is. This was one of the secrets to winning the battle of life. He has always allowed me to exercise the strength that is in my heart and carefully establish my place in this world. He painted the canvas of my life with brushstrokes of long drives with witty lessons learnt, relaxing trips ending with a stronger bond and cherished memories, incessant laughs and moments of pride and most importantly with a blessing which is none other than him.

For a girl who grows up with a strong bond with her father, every other male in the world is a struggling human to meet the set standards. He has always been my shield when I was in hot water, my roadmap to success, the voice behind my beliefs, my most prized possession, my eternally interested guy and my best friend. No matter how old I was growing, he never dominated my decisions on how I wanted to live my life. Little did I realise, my old man was carefully watching my growth from afar and crying tears of happiness and feeling proud about the lady I was growing up to be.

Even though you are sitting in heaven now, watching me shatter all the glass ceilings and living my life abiding by the lessons you have taught me; I wish to dedicate this ode to you and immortalise you through my words. You may not be physically present but your words and the warmth you filled our lives with still reverberate around me. I know words cannot do justice to the amazing human you are dad, but through this article I wish to protect you from Oblivion’s curse. You deserve to be celebrated in every lifetime. Last but not the least, thank you for being there.

Yours Truly,

Vocal Every Pal.

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