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What if the future world fantasies were not a distant dream but, a reality?

What if I were to tell you that one could work at the efficiency of Albert Einstein?

What if those extra-terrestrial bodies you see (UFO’S) were not just myths but the truth?

What if those dreams of being the President of Mars was not just imagination but a possibility?

What if life existed on other planets and there were humans just like us?

What if the freedom to travel anywhere in the world was not restricted due to visas or inter-country issues?

What if time travel was real?

But, the first question that may be coming to your head upon reading these questions is – “isn’t all of this a BIG WHAT IF?

Allow me to put all your mountains of questions to rest. Sit tight as I take you for the best ride of your life that will surely blow your mind. A sneak peak into the FUTURE WORLD!!


What makes the world? Human race? Do you think the world we live in is fair? A person is living under constant stress and struggling to make that ounce of money to live a decent lifestyle, luxuries being a far reality. Now, what if in the future world there was no concept of money? The world will work on the concepts of good deeds and bad deeds. The world will be engulfed in a blanket of compassion and co-operation rather than stuck in the race to be better than others. No stress, no competition, unconditional love, a hand for a hand, no diseases, no viruses! The only virus that will exist would be that of unconditional love towards all. To lead a happy life, one would have no option but to help others to earn those many good deeds. Everyone will believe in the holistic approach. The battle between ego and stress will be replaced by happiness and free will. There will be minimal human labour and more machines. Technological changes will be the key player in bringing humankind together.


In today’s world, the only motive is to earn money, isn’t it? What’s more important than that? Not even one’s health and mental peace. A poor person cannot afford insurance policies while the rich can. Upon their death, the families inherit nothing, in turn becoming even poorer as the breadwinner of the family dies while the rich inherit millions to add to their overflowing stack. This further widens the gap between the rich and the poor. What if in the future world, one will not need such policies since there would be no stress, which implies no diseases? When there exists no money, terms like the rich, the poor, corruption, superpower, exorbitant, monopolies cease to exist. All economies will flourish and be stable and the whole world will be shining bright. The cost of living anywhere in the world will be equal. Everyone’s accounts will be having enough good deeds to buy the necessities and go on with their life.


Virus-free world = No diseases = Healthy body= Healthy mind. Oh, what a beautiful formula! Wouldn’t you want to lead such a life? In today’s world, one does not have time for themselves, let alone family. They are always on the run, always in the greed for more, always with the motive of being the best. What they fail to realise is the implications of this lifestyle on their health, the body as well as mind. They live under the constant fear that they would be left behind in this race. Now, what if I told you in the future world you could control death? That you would be old in age, but young health-wise? Since there would be no concept of stress and diseases you would age but remain healthy. Now you may be thinking that way no one would ever die? No, one would die on their own free will. You will have complete control over death just like the Sages of Sivana in the book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.” You may have read in scriptures that people lived for hundreds of years. In the future world, you will experience this in reality. One’s thoughts will determine how healthy their body is. Not many know this, but our mind is potent. What if a negative thought would immediately cause a reaction in your body? Now you have no choice but to think good thoughts. You know the powers “El” possesses in Stranger Things? Just like her, you will also have the power to move things just with the power of the mind or visit the past (also known as the practice of past life regression).


In today’s world, we see riots on the name of God. Who defines the term, God? What defines that a particular person belongs to a particular religion? Why do people resort to blind faith? Traditions and customs that have been laid down are followed without questioning it even if they cause harm. All of us are victims of this blindness. What if, in the future world, there is a belief in a higher force guiding us? Bye-bye, religion-based riots. This force will not be in the form of idols and no temples would be constructed only to be destroyed. God exists within us. One does not need to go looking for it elsewhere. What good are you if you try to preach your religion by putting down another? Meditation and connecting with your inner self will be encouraged. This will strengthen one’s belief as well as give one the strength to understand the others. It will make the world a rational place to live in. Death is considered to be a relieving moment whereas birth traumatic. Ironical isn’t it? This is because upon birth the soul gets trapped in the physical body and upon death it is free. Spirituality will help people achieve mental peace as well as connect with their soul. One could also talk to the deceased.


Viru Sahastra Buddhi said, “Life is a race. If you do not run fast you will be like a broken egg.” Children are under immense pressure to be better than the people they call friends. One has to study subjects that are of no interest to them and has no real-life use. Upon his birth, his profession is decided even if he does not want to pursue the same. Parents doubt their child’s capabilities if they do not perform well, not once stopping to ask what went wrong? Maybe our approach towards the child was wrong? The child lives under constant fear. What if, I told you that the future world, academics will not define intelligence? Intellectual, as well as spiritual learning, will be encouraged. Everything will be digitalised and the world will be like one giant classroom. No fixed curriculum. The child will decide what interests him and will study that. After certain years of study, he can practice that profession to gain practical knowledge and not wait until he attains a certain degree. One can attend lectures through the virtual interface even by not being physically present. If he chooses to change his line of interest he would not be punished for the same. The child will be told about the rewards and hence everyone would help each other to enhance their skills. There will be a fixed and equal salary for all professions to do away with the economic imbalance and standard performance indicators. Internet will be provided free of cost so everyone can benefit. One could work anytime and anywhere as per their convenience, having enough time for leisure. But one would enjoy working since it is a profession of their interest, so that would also be leisure.


Today, people who can afford luxuries can travel. Restrictions exist when travelling to certain places due to conflicts between countries. What if, in the future world, the cost of travel as well as the duration to reach another place is not more than a few hours? The whole world will be connected with automated vehicles running at impeccable speeds to cut short the time of travel. You could travel to Australia and return on the same day. One could also travel between planets!! Freedom to move around will be there and no one would have to burn that hard-earned money. Exciting isn’t it?


The environment we live in is highly compromised. Human activities have deteriorated the quality of air as well as nature. In the future world, since there would be no vehicles or factories, the environment will be pollution-free. Animal killing will not be encouraged as a sport since feelings of oneness would exist. One could enjoy the clean and green Earth. Fresh and clean air would enhance one’s quality of life.

This is what the future world looks like in my eyes. The future world is not a farfetched dream. It is a reality. You may think I am crazy to think of such things, but let me tell you, the crazy ones are the dreamers. The ones who make that dream come true. What if you were given a chance to live in the future world? Would you take that plunge or stay in the current world? Change is coming and the world is healing. Are you ready to embrace it?

Yours truly,

Vocal Every Pal.

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(To read on a similar topic I’d recommend you all to read the book Incredibly Believable by Dr Sunny Satin.)


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