This is the first edifice of many more of its generations to come. The massive monument soaring up so high as if a ladder to the white clouds brushed all over the cerulean sky, shadowing the acres and acres of frondescence blanketed over the eminences underneath. The peak of this man-made mountain would become the perfect abscondence from the pandemonium and bane of the domicile projects of rabbit hutch sized dwellings stacked on top of each other.

Those precisely engineered man-made forests would replace the choir of blooms singing and swaying in the sun shining moments, the cacophony of colors-the red poppies, blue cornflowers, and the tall asters with their golden center on the fading green. The verdure reaching to the horizon dancing with no coordination, yet so in sync choreographed by the whistling wings. The green carpeted the sloping hills, the flat meadows ridden with vivid tufts of flowers racing over to the skyline woven with ancient tree roots of the dense and rich canopy.

I could see the grey running after all this-the green turning to stone, the meadows replaced by coffee shops and super-malls, the birds tweeting into deafening sirens, the trees uprooted for long steely road lights, the hills turning to tar. Only if Dr. Seuss’s Lorax was real enough to fight tooth and nails with the creators of concrete forests. Only if the angels would sing and Dionysus would come to Earth to save yet another example of beauty turning to gray.

-Tamanna V Mehta
(Edited by Vocal Every Pal)

(Here is a beautiful piece written by a young talented girl on skyscrapers. Do you agree with what she has to say? Leave your thoughts below and encourage her. )


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