“Everyone you meet knows something you don’t know but need to know. Learn from them.”- Carl Jung.

Did you ever sit to ponder about the fact that everyone you meet, everything you see and every moment you encounter has something to teach you even if you don’t see it yet? Some may wonder how this can possibly be true. What if I told you something as amazing as life and yet so minimal can be a teacher? Are teachers only to be synonymised to living people? Everything around you has something to offer, it is up to you how you perceive it.

Allow me to highlight the various teachers that have been an inspiration to me, living as well as non-living. 


They are the teachers who give us birth. They are like a lighthouse, beaming out the wisdom of light and guiding us through the darkness. They direct us through the grim hollow tunnels and open up a world full of wonders and possibilities for us. All their hard work and perseverance shape us into who we grow up to be. When we see them handle every responsibility that comes their way with so much ease and tact, these are the moments that teach us how to make the best of every situation.


You may be thinking I am crazy to say that friends inspire you. But yes they do. The way you grow up to depends on the company you keep. I have been lucky to have found the right set of friends who are very driven towards their goals. Friends inspire you to be better humans, to be ambitious as well as kind-hearted. They also teach you that colour, race, social status, gender is no benchmark to assess a friendship. It is an environment where everyone is so accepting and allows you to be yourself. They are the pillars that will always be by your side, holding you high and keeping you strong through every downfall.


It is a notion in our head that all that teachers at school do is teach us subjects that may or may not be of our liking. They are viewed as strict and scary, but behind this facade lies beautiful human beings as well as friends. The teachers I have had the privilege to meet in my life have taught me lessons that extend way beyond a simple textbook. Not only have found a friend in them, but the conversations with them have opened up a plethora of ideas. Teachers are the ones who nurture us to face the realities of life with grit and determination. To every lesson they teach us, they bring zeal and enthusiasm, often making the subject that we thought was boring, our most favourite. Their knowledge and experiences help us differentiate right from wrong, encourage us to never give up in life and help us realise our self-worth. They not only embrace us with their love but also act as a shield through every difficult situation we face. To all the kids out there, they are not your enemies. The teachers I have met are absolute gems. It has been an absolute honour to have learned and grown up under their guidance. They are your lifelong friends, you may not realise it now, but you will see it later.


How can a mere spectacle of nature be an inspiration? Sunsets and sunrises have a message to give us. As we rise through every difficulty and feel powerful, sunrise also signifies that we should always keep striving for better no matter how hard the situation. It inspires us to be patient and victorious. Sunsets are so beautiful and heartwarming to watch, but, they also have a message for us. Everything that goes down comes back up. One should learn from every downfall. A bad day doesn’t last forever. Every cloud has a silver lining. It is up to you to find your silver lining. Or in this case, the sunny lining.


Everyone is running this giant race called LIFE. Those engulfed with poverty are working hard to earn money so as to live a decent livelihood, whereas the rich are always striving for more. When will a human ever be satisfied? Real-life situations and instances have taught me that one should be content with whatever you have. Putting your happiness over temporary things is a means to invite stress as well as low points in life. Money should not be hoarded, but it teaches us that one should use it wisely. It has taught us that, if greed exceeds the need for it, it can be harmful to the person. It also teaches us how to value what we have and not always wish for what we cannot have. What’s the use of all that money if you are not living to enjoy it?


Last but, not the least, time is a great inspiration. It is very rightly said, time and tide wait for no man. You are what you make of the situation at hand. Time teaches us the value of life and how to be proactive. It has a simple message to give us- do not spend the rest of your life pondering over things but put in the effort to bring life to those dreams. Time also inspires us to always prepare for challenges and moulds us into thinkers, dreamers and change-makers.

Everything around is an inspiration. You are an inspiration. It takes a little level-headedness and awareness to notice how the little things in life inspire you. There is so much to learn from every human, everything you feel with all your senses. The next time you hear someone say I don’t have anything or anyone to inspire them, tell them to look around or look within, they’ll have their question answered because there is an inspiration in existence.

Yours Truly,

Vocal Every Pal.

I hope you enjoy reading this article and find that inspiration. Do share your valuable feedback on the same and help me grow as I take on this journey towards writing. Thank you.



  • Vandanaa
    June 19, 2020 at 7:12 pm

    Truly said ,there is a hidden learning in every existence

  • Santosh
    June 22, 2020 at 8:22 pm

    The best thing of learning is no one can take it away from you.Learning never ends…We learn each day and you are what you have learned.


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